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Eat Feast Farm

A feast for the seasons

It’s the sound of the seasons at Fat Pig Farm!

However, the sound that is calling us at the moment is “Take a break! Put your feet up!” So, from mid-May 2023 we’ll be taking a hiatus for a while. We’re not sure how long, but if you’d like to come to a Farm Feast before mid-May please email Beatrice on hello@fatpig.farm to add your name to the waitlist. You can find dates for the remaining feasts here.

Guests arrive at 12:30 for a 1:00pm long table communal farmhouse feast with matching wine and cider.  We’ll feed you a hearty lunch made from all the best of our weekly harvest and match it with our favourite Tasmanian wines and cider. Half way through we’ll take you on a tour to learn where your food comes from and meet the pigs. We finish with more food and dessert and expect to roll you home at 4pm.

At this stage, we are not adding any feast dates beyond mid-May 2023. 

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Book your place at the table

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We take bookings up to 5pm on the day before the Feast. There’s always a wait list so email or phone if the dates you want appear booked out. If you have any dietary restrictions, just let us know when you book. See our FAQ for more info. The meal will be matched with four alcoholic drinks. Specially made non-alcoholic alternatives will always be available.

Any questions?

We have loads more info on our FAQ page, including ideas on where to stay.

You can check out a sample menu for summer and winter to give you an idea of what to expect.

COVID-19: Bookings affected by the coronavirus, in terms of travel restrictions etc, will be treated with flexibility. We feel your pain.

Another bit of small print: Our restaurant is taking a break from mid-May 2023 until… well, we don’t know when! Sign-up to our newsletter (below) to stay up to date with news from the farm. All Feast dates are up on our website now. If you’d like to add your name to the waiting list, please email hello@fatpig.farm  If you’d like to see what else is on in any given week, check out our handy calendar.

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