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Society of Bacon Believers Offer – July 2019



Classic Cold Smoked Bacon (approx 1kg)

Classic Hardwood Smoked Ham (approx 400g)

120g Mustard

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Please read this next bit, it’s really important: The bacon will be shipped via Express Post on Tuesday, 9 July (the price includes postage). For most of you this means it will arrive on Wednesday, 10 July. For some of you who, like us, live in regional Australia, it may arrive on Thursday, 11 July.  When you enter your shipping address, please choose an address where the package can be picked up immediately and popped into a fridge.

This can be your usual address, a new address, or a friend’s address. We will use only the address you provide for this mailout, not any address you’ve previously given us, to ensure it goes to the right place.