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Society of Bacon Believers Believe in Barry – Different Condiments




Cold Smoked Bacon (600g approx.)

Rillettes (100g approx.)

Cider Mustard (100g approx.)

Smoky Barbecue Sauce (250mls approx.)

24-Month Old Prosciutto (80g approx.)

12-Hour Bacon Baked Beans

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Please read this next bit, it’s really important: The bacon will be shipped via Express Post on Monday 6 April (the price includes postage). For most of you this means it will arrive on Tuesday, 7 April. For some of you who, like us, live in regional Australia, it may arrive on Wednesday, 8 April.

Bacon packs will be sent via Australia Post Express Post which has been experiencing some delays. Please bear this in mind if you are ordering from a regional area.

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