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Society of Bacon Believers Offer – May 2017



Cold smoked bacon (tell us if you want the nitrate free option)
Air dried ham (prosciuttolino)
Newlands tomato sauce

Please read this next bit, it’s really important: The bacon will be shipped via Express Post on 30 May. For most of you this means it will arrive on 31st May. For some of you who, like us, live in regional Australia, it may arrive 1 June or 2 June. When you enter your shipping address, please choose an address where the package can be picked up immediately and popped into a fridge.

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20141225-_dsc3270Cold Smoked Bacon – Our classic, luscious, smoky Fat Pig bacon.

Lightly smoked air dried ham – Fast cured and lightly smoked. We don’t have a name for it yet, but it is rather delicious raw, or even better slivered onto pizza or in an omelette. We’ve finely sliced it for you.

Belly Speck – Cured with juniper, triple smoked, and air-dried for a month, this is the ultimate cooking piece of belly pork, something to bring out the best in your cool weather braises and stews.

Newlands tomato sauce – This old family recipe hales from western Victoria, and is lively with spice, thick with our own tomatoes and apples, and aged in the bottle.