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Society of Bacon Believers Offer – December 2016



Cold smoked bacon
Applewood smoked bacon
Pepperberry cured pork loin
Pickled Japanese turnips
House made marmalade

Please read this next bit, it’s really important: The bacon will be shipped via Express Post on 19 December. For most of you this means the bacon will arrive on 20 December. For some of you who, like us, live in regional Australia, it may arrive 21 or even 22 December. When you enter your shipping address, please choose an address where the package can be picked up immediately and popped into a fridge.

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20141225-_dsc3270Cold Smoked Bacon – Our classic, luscious, smoky Fat Pig bacon.

Applewood Smoked Bacon – Especially smoked for bacon club we’re sending this traditional bacon in a chunk so you can cut it any way you see fit.

Pepperberry Cured Pork Loin – We’ve used Tasmanian pepperberry to cure this pork loin and sliced it nice and thin: a little goes a long way.

Pickled Japanese Turnips – Delicate sweet summer pickles. Perfect for summer salads and sandwiches.

House made marmalade – Mixed with a little vinegar and mustard, this will make a wonderful glaze for your Christmas ham (or just slather it on toast… go on… we won’t tell)