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Society of Bacon Believers Offer – August 2017



Cold smoked bacon
Whisky smoked bacon
Pickled Quinces

Please read this next bit, it’s really important: The bacon will be shipped via Express Post on August 1st. For most of you this means it will arrive on August 2nd. For some of you who, like us, live in regional Australia, it may arrive August 3rd or August 4th.  When you enter your shipping address, please choose an address where the package can be picked up immediately and popped into a fridge.

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20141225-_dsc3270Cold Smoked Bacon – Our classic, luscious, smoky Fat Pig bacon.

Whisky Wood Smoked Bacon – Ever wonder what happens to old whisky barrels before they’re repurposed? Well, they get a fine shave on the inside, and that’s good news for bacon lovers. That’s because we have managed to score some of those very same wood shavings from Tasmanian whisky barrels, and smoked your lightly cured special batch bacon over it. There’s a bit of whisky spirit in the cure, and the result is a milder, interesting bacon that tastes of our southern isle.

Rillettes – We take our free-range pork shoulders, cure them with salt, then braise them in a masterstock long and slow. The resultant meat is then hand shredded, bottled, and simmered again to pasteurise the contents. What you end up with is a lovely spreadable pork – kind of like spreadable terrine – that goes terrifically well with Tassie pinot (or any good red, really). Use it on slivers of bread, as a pre-dinner snack, or perhaps toss it through hot just-cooked new potatoes to make a pretty delectable dinner.

Pickled Quince – Sharp fragrant pickled quinces. Serve slivers alongside rillettes or with a good sharp cheese as part of a ploughman’s platter.