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Fat Pig Farm Ration Packs – Pick up only



A Fat Pig Farm ration pack chock full of goodies, but no wine. Click here if you’d like the pack with wine. Or read on for details of what’s in the box.

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Welcome to the Fat Pig Farm Ration Pack. Everything you need to keep your tastebuds happy and your bellies nourished. This week we have:

The last of the summer vegetables: corn, eggplant, leek, carrots and a bit more. No salad this week, sadly, but we’ll pop in some other greens to cook.
1kg of pork and tomatillo stew (four serves)
Baked apples and custard (we’ll include the custard, the apples and the stuffing – you’ll need to stuff and bake them at home)
Two small 300ml bottles of rhubarb kombucha

Click HERE if you’d like a box with all of the above plus a 700ml bottle of cleanskin chardonnay.

This week is PICK UP ONLY.  Let us know when you order whether you’d like to pick up at the farm, in Cygnet or in Franklin. The packs will be ready by 3pm on THURSDAY at Fat Pig Farm and by 4pm in Cygnet and Franklin. We’ll send you directions when you order. If you ordered last week, we’d be ever so grateful if you could return any washed glassware when you pick up your order.

We’d also like to encourage you to bring your own box or esky to pack your order in to. This isn’t essential!

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