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What’s For Dinner?

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Special Event

What’s For Dinner?

October 21 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Jill Griffiths questions everything:  the food she chooses to put on the table; the food system that makes that food available; the messages from the health authorities who say eat less fat and the diet books that shout out against carbs; the rise of veganism and what it means for farming; what it means when we get told to ‘eat less meat’ and whether it really would be better for the planet; what it means to have food traded internationally as a commodity, and what ‘food miles’ really mean for food and eating and the planet; the use of synthetic chemicals in growing food and whether we would be better off without them or not. And in so doing, she goes looking for deeper, more satisfying answers to the question of what’s for dinner.

In other words all the questions we, at Fat Pig Farm have, and I reckon pretty much all of you have. Jill has dug deep and we are very much looking forward to hearing what she has to say and diving into her book. Matthew has read it and he reckons it’s one of the best, most accessible book out there dealing with how the industrial food system affects us as eaters. He is delighted to be hosting a conversation with Jill.

Tickets are $25. It includes a conversation between Matthew and Jill, a tour of the farm, a welcome drink and a light snack. Jill will have books for sale and the bar will be open.

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October 21
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Fat Pig Farm, Glaziers Bay, Tasmania