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Three Little Piggies

About us

Fat Pig Farm is home to Matthew, Sadie and Hedley. Together we run our 70 acre family farm in the beautiful Huon Valley, south of Hobart, where we live and nurture food from the soil to turn into great meals for the farmhouse table. Since 2011 we have been busy turning the one-time apple orchard into a mixed farm. Along with our namesake Wessex Saddleback pigs, the farm is home to chooks, a beef herd, goats, bees, ducks and a market garden. We also milk a few full cream cows, harvest apples from our heritage orchard and have planted an olive grove that will supply all of our olive needs (in about a decade’s time!).

In August 2016 we opened our farm restaurant which operates as a lunch venue, event and workshop space. We host Friday Feasts, and sometimes Thursdays and occasionally Saturdays, taking what’s great from the garden and turning it into long, lazy meals shared around our extended farmhouse table in a purpose built dining room. Our workshops and events are a hands-on experience, where you’ll get to visit the animals, raid the garden and learn about sustainable food and farming.

Matthew is a chef by trade who is also the host of Gourmet Farmer on SBS. He is an advocate for sustainable seafood and is a strong believer in knowing and trusting what you eat. He’s the author of over a dozen books on food, including SOIL: the incredible story of what keeps the Earth, and us, healthy. Matthew and Sadie are big on sustainability, and that all begins with the treatment of soil. Fat Pig Farm is an extension of this philosophy, where we do as we preach; growing and rearing the best food as we can for the table. And you’re invited to share in the spoils.

Post-script: In mid- January 2023, we decided that we’d like to plan a decent rest, a hiatus you may call it. So, from mid-May 2023 we will cease hosting our Farm Feasts. The feasts may come back one day, in one form or another; or maybe they won’t. We’re just going to take some time to rest, literally watch the grass grow and perhaps run an occasional workshop or event… who knows? Sign up to our newsletter (below) if you’d like to stay up to date with our news.